Over the years, Signature has built a strong reputation for its reliable and professional approach to short-term property finance, leaving no stone unturned as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting clients.

Perhaps one of the firm’s biggest strengths is its ability to respond quickly to requests, with an experienced in-house team of property specialists on-hand to support clients throughout the entire process. Once a client’s unique needs and requirements have been identified, deal terms are tailored accordingly to ensure developers have the time and resources needed to deliver the project as intended.

Importantly, this approach can be used in deals of all sizes – there is no project too big or challenging for Signature’s in-house team to manage. This was recently seen after a high-profile Edinburgh-based developer approached the firm for a significant £862,000 loan to refinance and capital raise against two residential properties, pending sale.

Located in an affluent and sought-after residential area of the Scottish capital, the two properties were independently inspected and valued. With strong transport links to major cities and a range of local amenities nearby, both were valued at £500k and £650k respectively – estimations that were deemed to be accurate given their current state and the local demand for housing.

According to the report, the area’s residential property market was robust and showed no obvious signs of a significant downturn, with an estimated time of 0-3 months needed to market both properties and achieve a sale.

With this in mind, a 12-month loan term was requested by the client, which was both within Signature’s lending policy and more than enough time for the proposed exit strategy to be followed. Before a final decision was made, Signature conducted all the necessary background and credit checks to ensure the project’s potential could be realised.

Given the client’s proven track record of completing sizable developments within strict time and budget requirements, the decision to approve the deal was made more straightforward – not only did the client have the financial strength to complete the deal, but they had the expertise to ensure important details were not missed.

As such, Signature agreed to provide the full loan amount of £862,000 on the requested 12-month term – a deal that would hopefully mark the beginning of a long and healthy working relationship.

Alan Coats, Lending Manager at Signature Property Finance, commented:

“Whilst we pride ourselves on supporting clients of all experience levels, our ability to attract high-profile developers with extensive property portfolios stands testament to the reputation we have built as a reliable short-term finance provider.

“With such a significant amount being loaned, it was important that no time was wasted in conducting the necessary inspections and valuations, so that the project could be delivered as planned.

“After meeting with the broker, we gained a much better understanding of the project’s scope and potential, providing us with the information needed to tailor the deal’s terms and get everything over the line in good time.

“It’s been a positive experience throughout and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our businesses as a collaborative force.”

The broker added:

“From the outset, Signature’s attention to detail and commitment to ensuring a smooth and efficient process was evident. They really took the time to understand the project, working alongside our team to finalise a deal on terms that guaranteed a smooth delivery.

“This level of professionalism is very important to us, and it’s certainly helped lay the foundations for a long and healthy working relationship throughout 2024 and beyond. As such, we’d highly recommend their services to others in need of short-term property finance.”