Throughout 2023, Signature built on its reputation as an experienced and reliable short-term property finance provider, doubling down on its efforts to improving the UK’s housing crisis by supporting a wide range of developers, both independent and established.

No matter how big or small a project may be, Signature’s ethos has always remained the same – as long as the client can demonstrate a clear and achievable vision, then it will throw its full support behind a project, collaborating with the developer to agree a deal on suitable terms. To ensure a smooth and successful process, Signature’s team will always spend time with the client to understand the project’s finer details, using this information to deliver tailored support as part of a comprehensive service.

This desire to treat each case individually instead of following a ‘one size fits all approach’ has proven to be popular in recent years, with Signature consistently adding new clients to its extensive portfolio. Again, this looks to be the case after the firm was approached by an experienced Scottish developer in need of a six-figure loan to capital raise against an unencumbered asset.

Requesting a standard residential bridging loan of £215,388, the client intended to capital raise against the single storey detached bungalow, located in a quaint town to the north of Dundee. With a range of key facilities and amenities situated nearby, the spacious property was in a good state of repair and in a residential area where there was already a strong demand for affordable housing.

According to independent valuations and a comparable analysis of other homes nearby, the subject property was estimated to collect between £270,000 and £300,000 once sold – a deal that would represent important profit and progression for the client.

As such, Signature quickly recognised the opportunity’s full potential and wasted no time in conducting the necessary background and credit checks, ensuring the client could deliver the project before following the agreed exit route. The client’s proven track record of completing similar projects also helped streamline this process, as it offered credibility and confidence to the proposal.

To avoid delays or complications, a 12-month loan term was agreed, as this was within policy and deemed to be enough time for the client to market and sell the property. Given the potential for a long-term working relationship between the two firms, Signature took a hands-on approach throughout the process, ensuring the client had the resources and support needed to bring the project to life.

Scott McClymont, Relationship Manager at Signature Property Finance, said:

“Our client-centric approach means we are always willing go the extra mile, taking the time to understand their unique needs and requirements so that deal terms can be tailored accordingly.

“Not only does this ensure a smooth and effective delivery, but personalised support also instills confidence in clients, letting them know their requests have been addressed properly. Fortunately, our in-house team of specialists have the experience needed to ensure this level of service is provided, working quickly to get deals over the line without any unnecessary delays.

“There’s no doubt that this approach has been absolutely critical to the growth and success we’ve experienced in recent times, as developers continually approach us with a level of trust and confidence that makes it much easier to operate.

“As such, we’re very much looking forward to working alongside the firm, both now and on other projects in the future.”

The developer added:

“Working with Signature has been a breath of fresh air – their commitment to delivering tailored support eliminated the possibility of any delays, allowing us to proceed with the project as intended.

“This is largely due to the fact that their in-house team is made up of experienced property specialists, all of whom have previously supported clients on similar projects. They understand the importance of agreeing deals promptly and are willing to go above and beyond to make sure the terms of a deal are suitable.

“Hopefully this marks the start of a long and healthy working relationship between both businesses, as we prepare for another busy year.”