Supporting experienced property developers with thorough and efficient decision-making

Supporting experienced property developers with thorough and efficient decision-making

Experienced property developers understand that time is of the essence when it comes to securing funding, and for this reason, they often rely upon trustworthy short-term property finance providers to ensure the opportunity is not lost.

This was the case for one Bath-based developer, that required gross funding of £1,193,600 to uplift the existing development funding against a freehold new build property, comprising of four 2-bed attached town houses.

Local demand for housing

Located a short distance from the city centre that is renowned for its heritage, the property was situated in an area where there was already a lack of urban housing stock, so there was considered to be a high level of interest in the houses, once renovations were completed.

Tony Gilbertson, CEO at Signature Property Finance, commented: “As an experienced short-term property finance provider, we pride ourselves on our ability to work productively with developers, ensuring they receive the funds needed to deliver much-needed projects.

“Whilst we strive for efficiency with all of our deals, experienced developers that are planning largescale projects have an expectation for lending decisions to be made promptly, so that opportunities are not missed and developments can meet strict deadlines.

“Given that our in-house team has experience of all aspects of the property market, and have been involved in projects of a similar size with other developers, our clients can be rest assured that their interests are in capable hands throughout the process.

“Of course, it helps in this case, as the client has significant experience and a detailed track record of being involved in a range of high-profile developments, so we are confident in the scope and vision of the project, as well as the strategy for funding it.”