Rapid Exit Bridge

When your clients want to minimise interest and exit Bridging Loans quickly, we have the answer.

Key Features

  • 18 Month facility for maximum peace of mind.
  • Minimum loan size £105,000.
  • Charge rate:
    • 0.49% for 4 months
    • Followed by 0.99% for 8 months.
  • Minimum interest charge only 90 days (and you still have another months flexibility to exit to leave before the end of month 4 and still only pay 0.49% monthly!)
  • Fees in 2% of Gross Loan, with 1% proc fee paid to introducing
  • Fees on exit 0% (after 90 days.)
  • Separately charged broker fee can be collected from Net Loan if
  • All loans based on Open Market Value and not 180 day Value.
  • Freehold residential 75% of OMV (minimum residential value
    And remember, we do not charge admin fees.

How it works: Contrast and Compare

Your client purchases a residential property for £250,000 and ‘flips it’
onto a Buy to Let mortgage after 4 months of using the Bridging loan.

Typical UK bridging terms

Client purchases a property for £250,000 on standard industry terms
of 75% of 180 day valuation, at typical rates of 0.89% monthly, with a
12 month facility. Client repays the bridge after 4 months using a BTL
180 day valuation typically 10% less than OMV (Open Market Value)
= £225,000
Gross Loan facility is £225,000 x 75% = £168,750
Interest incurred = £168,750 x 0.89% monthly x 4 months = £6,007.50

Signature Property Finance Terms

Gross loan = OMV at £250,000 x 70% = £175,000. This is £7000
more gross loan facility
Interest incurred over 4 months = £175,000 x 0.49% monthly x 4 =
£3,430 (a saving of £2,577.50)
The Signature Rapid Exit Bridge allows a larger gross loan than
lenders who work on 180 day valuations (even if their LTV looks
higher to start with). Yet the interest cost to your client who moves to
a BTL Mortgage after 4 months is 45% less.
The ‘maths’ speak for themselves; we lend you more and it costs
your client less!
To discuss your client’s deal in detail, please get in touch and start

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