As short-term property finance specialists, the team here at Signature Property Finance really works hard to deliver an excellent customer service, always based on our promise to deliver on the terms agreed at the outset – we do what we say we will.

This commitment to service and certainty of funding is at the heart of our strategy to ensure we retain clients after their first deal with us. And sometimes they come with urgent requests that make all the hard work by our Relationship Managers pay off, quite literally.

In November last year, during the latest lockdown, Relationship Manager Michelle Walsh managed the funding of a refurbishment project for an experienced property developer/investor, introduced to us via their broker.

As ever they benefitted not just from the required funds delivered on time and on the terms agreed, but from the high-quality service for which we are renowned. The service, which brought glowing praise from both broker and client, covered our efforts pre & post-completion.

Great service is great marketing

Happily, the property developer remembered the great service and contacted Michelle direct, with the details of their latest refurbishment project in Warrington.

Although not strictly the area for which Michelle is responsible, which is primarily South Wales and the South West, our RMs always go the extra mile and the property could be anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales to receive the same great service.

We are securing the £190K funding, which includes 100% of refurbishment costs, against 2 properties, one of which is an unencumbered asset in the borrower’s portfolio of more than 10 similar properties.

The property being purchased requires heavy refurbishment, with the front section of the property of non-standard construction having to be replaced with brick. The property will then be given a modern interior throughout prior to being offered for rent and refinanced onto term lending.

Full application to professional instructions in 18 hours

Being an experienced developer and wanting the funds quickly, we received the full pack information with everything we needed to be able to review the deal, late one evening in early March.

Having reviewed everything, the deal was comfortably within our lending criteria and our offer was sent almost by return. Our offer was accepted and signed the same day, allowing Michelle to instruct the surveyors and the lawyers to ensure we could bring the deal in on time.

Although dealing directly with the client, Michelle kept the broker in the loop at every important step, which helped strengthen the relationship between the client and his broker.

This is a very gratifying deal for it demonstrates that high quality service still has value in the high stakes, fast-paced arena of short-term property finance, even when time is short.

The team here at Signature works hard to deliver and we are pleased to report, we are now the first port of call for this developer’s short-term property finance needs for any additional properties they purchase as they look to grow their portfolio.

If you are buying and developing property and want the benefit of high-quality customer service, please get in touch. And if you are in South Wales or the South West, you know Michelle will look after you and deliver the deal on the terms agreed at the outset; no nasty surprises with Signature.