At Signature Property Finance, we strongly believe in the power of the relationships we build with our clients. So it was gratifying to host a table at this year’s Grand National and enjoy a day away from business with the team from Watts Commercial Finance.

The weather held fair for the most part and we were treated to a spectacular four-course lunch in the elegant surroundings of the Silver Birch restaurant – a big tent according to CEO Tony Gilbertson, but a superb venue according to our guests.

A full card of races started at 1.45pm and led to the Randox Grand National itself at 5.15pm, with everyone outside in the sunshine by then. Bets were placed and slips were returned for winnings or ripped up in despair, but all agreed it was a fantastic day out. And business chat was minimal.


As you might expect, the team from Watts are advocates for our services, from simple bridging loans to more complex development finance deals, with our ability to make their lives easy a common thread through the conversations.

A big thank you to Lee Forshaw, Steve Hogg, Donna Downey, Phil Taylor and Nathan Amey from Watts Commercial Finance and their client Geoff Knight for joining us on the day.

From left to right: Lee Forshaw, Steve Hogg, Donna Downey, Geoff Knight, Phil Taylor, Tony Gilbertson, Nathan Amey, Claire Gilbertson


Ultimately the event was a thank you from Signature Property Finance for the business Watts do with us, driven by personal relationships and our desire to get deals done on the terms agreed, with no nasty surprises or a sting in the tail.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, everyone had a great time in the wonderful surroundings of one of the UK’s most iconic racecourses, enjoying some excellent food, wine and spiced rum. The fact more than a few each way bets romped home also helped add to the sense of excitement.

New business was not the aim of the event, yet in such a relaxed atmosphere we managed to discuss a few deals that hopefully will find their way into our pipeline soon – hardly surprising given the glowing testimonials offered for our service once the spiced rum had loosened tongues!