We are pleased to announce the winner of our 12 Deals of Christmas competition – Andrew Mackenzie-Shapland of Morris Shapland Financial Services

The competition ran through December to January and involved answering 12 questions correctly – each related to a deal Signature Property Finance successfully secured in 2020 – then adding up the figures from your answers and submitting a final figure as your entry.  

Andrew was able to come to the correct sum, and in turn has won a £500 Amazon gift card. He let us know that he was “surprised and thankful” to be the lucky winner of this exciting prize. 

A big thanks to everyone who participated in our contestWe have included the full quiz with the correct answers below for anyone interested in seeing how many they got right! 


  1. What did we lend for capital raising for completion of development works in Bristol? – Answer 1.4 M
  2. How much did we lend a property developer to undertake a heavy refurbishment of property in Edinburgh?  – Answer 401k  
  3. What did we lend for a midlands business in capital raising for their next project? Answer 712k
  4. How much did we lend to assist the purchase of a property in Stroud? Answer – 397K
  5. What did we lend for short term property finance to uplift existing debt and complete a conversion of a freehold property in Edinburgh? Answer – 618k
  6. Half-way through our 12 deals of Christmas competition! How much of a bridging loan did we lend to purchase a property in Walsall? Answer – 213k
  7. What did we lend in the Cairngorms of a bridging loan to assist purchase and refurbishment of a property? Answer – 272k
  8. How much was lent on our blended rate over 12 months on a property in Enfield for a developer? Answer – 356k 
  9. What did we lend to a property developer for a bridging loan to refinance a freehold property in Edinburgh? – Answer 900k
  10. How much did we lend to assist with the refurbishment and conversion of a church to residential units in Bath? Answer – 684K
  11. What was the figure we lent of short-term property finance to assist with the purchase of a freehold property in Bristol? Answer – 376k
  12. This is our last day of the 12 deals of Christmas competition, make sure to get your total figure ready from our previous questions. What did we lend to a property developer for a refinance deal on a property in Bath? Answer – 1.2 M 

  Final answer: 7, 529, 000