Prior to this lockdown my day to day routine looked very different. It typically involved running out of the front door early to attempt to avoid the build-up of traffic on the M4 or M5, followed by coffee shop meetings and popping into the Cardiff office on my journey home to work on pipeline and new enquiries.

Now I rush downstairs to my living room early for a virtual boxing workout to attempt to combat the increased biscuit and chocolate consumption I seem to have adapted to.

This is typically followed by breaking up several arguments amongst my 3 children before its even turned 8am, and attempting to delegate school work we are trying to keep on top of whilst the children are at home.

The household can be chaotic, but what continues to be a great success is the level of enquiries I am receiving and the volume of these enquiries that are turning into full applications. I have a fantastic network of legal and surveying partners around me that enables property transactions to move forward during this challenging time.

Staying in touch - virtually

I have swapped my coffee shop meetings for either Zoom or telephone meetings, but still with a cuppa and cake to hand. Being accessible is important now more than ever. Being able to react quickly is just as important as it was before the lockdown.

I find the majority of the transactions I am working on are auction purchases and refurbishment projects; personally undertaking the full credit review, producing offers and instructing the professional teams to move the deals to completion.

I am also supporting my clients with their post completion queries; ensuring that they get the best level of service throughout their journey with Signature.

Being in the financial industry you learn to be resilient and adapt to change quickly; despite my working environment being somewhat different to usual I am still completing on transactions that landed in my inbox post-lockdown.

Support for everyone

As a relationship manager you learn how vital it is to continue to support your colleagues, clients, brokers and partners through times of adversity. Business is not operating as usual, however business remains open and it’s fantastic to be able to continue to provide solutions and grow my working relationships in South Wales and the South West.

What hasn’t changed to my daily routine at the end of a working day, is the constant bartering on how many forks of food is required to finish the painful experience of dinner time, and attempt to limit the number of bottles of shower gel being used to make potions at bath time. A typical end to a working mums day!

If anyone wants to talk short-term property finance and how Signature can help, please get in touch by any means practical.